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AOL, which was stylized as AOL, and today we officially known as a company titled AOL Inc. acronym for America Online is an American web portal and this is an online service-providing company based in New York City. This brand came in existence and was marketed through the embodiment of Yahoo Inc. When we look the service traces, the history of an online service is known as Play NET. In November 1985, the Quantum link, or the Q Link went online as Play NET licensed its software. Eventually, later in 1989, a new IBM PC client was launched and then, renamed America Online. AOL became the largest online service-providing company, leaving the most leading companies behind. Companies like CompuServe and The source. Stepping towards success, in the year 1995, there were about three million people trusting the services of AOL. This article will help you understand about creating a new AOL account, log in AOL email, AOL contacts, forgot AOL password, and more.

AOL is America’s most renowned and trusted brand and one of the early pioneers of service providing since the mid-1990s. AOL provided on-call services to millions of people in the United States of America, not just calling but also messaging services. In 1993, AOL launched a new technique by adding internet access to the service. AOL bought Netscape worth $4.2 billion in 1998. In the year 2001, the biggest merges in history happened when AOL purchased a company that was already a media amalgamation Time Warner which was a huge step for a company in U.S. history. Later the company, AOL shrank due to the rise of broadband and, the decline of dial-up services. In the year 2009, AOL was starburst and replaced by Time Warner, with Tim Armstrong appointed the new CEO. Under the leadership of Tim Armstrong, AOL started investing in media brands and advertising technologies. Later on June 23, 2015, AOL was purchased by AOL communications for worth $4.4 billion. On May 3, 2021, AOL informed the world that it is going to sell Yahoo and AOL to a private equity firm Apollo Global management for around $5 billion.

What are the steps for creating a new AOL account? >> AOL sign up support

Email is a way through which you can send the messages and texts online to the receiver who is already having an AOL account. You need to have an AOL account to send a message to another person. This part of the article will help you in creating an AOL email account. Follow the steps given below for AOL email set up

  • Go to your browser and search on the search bar
  • On the left side of the screen, there is an option “login/join” press on the option
  • After tapping on the option, now you can see the login portal
  • Below the login information, press on the “Create an account” button
  • Now, the AOL sign up portal will open, fill in all the important information asked such as first name, last name, email address, password, working mobile number, date of birth and your gender (optional)
  • aol mail sign upPress the “Continue” button to complete the procedure
  • Now, AOL will send a verification code on the number that you entered while filling in the information.
  • Enter the verification code and now, your AOL email set up is done

How to log in AOL email? >> AOL mail login help

Once you sign up for your AOL email account, you need to log in AOL email to see if you are done with create AOL account. Given are some steps for you to mail AOL sign in

  • Go to the browser and browse for to login AOL account
  • After visiting the link, on the top left corner, press the mail button
  • Now, the sign-in portal will open that will help you in AOL login signin
  • Enter your AOL email account in the first column and password in another column to sign in
  • Press the “Continue” button to verify the mail

After following these steps, you will login AOL account. These steps are for AOL login help for you.

How to change AOL password? >> Reset AOL password instructions

Changing your email password from time to time will protect you from cybercrime. Cybercrime is growing day by day, hacking email accounts and fake spam emails to draw people into big scams are common things nowadays. To safeguard yourself from such crime, you need to change your password from time to time. Follow the steps given below to change AOL password

  1. Open your device and browse to login AOL account
  2. Now, go to the Account setting page to change AOL password
  3. Enter your new password in the column
  4. Press on the “Continue” button

The above steps will help changing AOL password on iPhone, android and windows devices.

How to recover forgot AOL password? >> AOL password recovery

Due to excessive workload and many tasks on the list, sometimes you forget to keep a check on your AOL password. It could happen to anyone, you do not have to recreate a new AOL account. In case, you can’t remember AOL password, the steps written below will help you get back access to your AOL email account.

  • Go to the browser and search the link
  • Type your username
  • Below your username column, there is a column for “Password.” As you cannot remember the password, press on the “forgot password” option below the password column
  • AOL will send you a verification code on your registered number to get access to your AOL email account
  • Enter the code for the verification process
  • Now, enter the new password that you want for your email account

Following these steps will help you recover forgot AOL password

How to solve AOL issues >> Solution to AOL problems

There is a possibility that sometimes you face difficulties with your AOL mail account. Below are the problems that can be the reasons behind your AOL issues.

Recheck your AOL password

Sometimes, use of upper case, lower case, and even numeric digits in your password to make it more strong. To make it strong and difficult to hack or predict you forget the series of uppercase or lowercase; therefore, you need to remember the exact series of uppercase and lowercase letters used in your AOL password.

Temporarily disable your system antivirus

Antivirus can play a vital role in you not getting your emails, they have a special feature in which these viruses transfer the mail to spam or even delete it, predicting it to be a virus.

Given are the steps for you to temporarily disable the system’s antivirus

  • Tap on the buttons ctrl + shift +Escaol issues
  • Search for “startup” option for antivirus software
  • Now, you need to right-click on the antivirus software
  • click on “disable” option

Check AOL email storage

Unnecessary emails from various brands can fill your AOL email storage and can cause problems with your email. This could be a strong reason for you not getting your emails. Clear up the unnecessary emails and make space so that your email could work smoothly.

Clear up cookies & caches

Cookies and caches can be the reason behind endless buffering. Clear up the space by clearing the cookies. Go to the settings and then, select the option “clear cookies and caches”, it will help you with smooth email processing.

Try different devices for login AOL account

Sometimes, the device is the problem. You need to change the device, due to a virus or any other problem in a device, you might face a problem in getting access to your AOL email account. Try switching devices for better results.

Check the security issues setting of AOL email

The Security department blocks your email due to the doubt that your account might be hacked or can be hacked. To prevent you from cybercrime, the security department temporarily disables your account and will send you an error message. If you are receiving such messages then, you need to wait for some time for your account to activate again.

Check your connections

Looking for bigger problems, we forget the basic error that could be the reason behind you not getting your emails. Check your internet connection, to see if that is a reason behind you not getting access to your AOL email account.

AOL contacts official number

aol mail help

This part of the article will inform you about AOL contacts so that you can contact the company for any inconvenience. The AOL contacts we are providing you are correct to our knowledge, but if the owners of the company change the official contact numbers then we are not responsible for that. These numbers are available for you, if you are stuck in any AOL problems. You can contact us as well, we are an independent third-party service-providing company.

AOL contacts 1-866-265-8990


AOL mail AOL help


AOL help site


How to set up AOL SMTP server? >> AOL SMTP settings

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, in short SMTP, is an application for your server that allows your device in receiving, sending, and/or transfer outgoing mail to other users. It is important to set up SMTP because, without this application, you can never receive texts. Your messages have different codes in them, the SMTP application understands and processes these codes and helps you in passing on the messages from senders to the receivers.

AOL SMTP settings for iOS

Below are the given steps to help you set up the AOL SMTP server in your iOS device

  • Firstly, open your device and go to “settings”
  • Move downwards and select the option “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” visible on your screen
  • Here, you need to select the mail through which you need to send the mail
  • Now, after choosing the mail account, here select the “Outgoing mail server” option, then select the “SMTP” option. Now, fill in the asked question through the information given below.
    1. Turn the server port “ON”
    2. Server port –
    3. Port – 465
    4. Requires SSL – press “Yes”
    5. Requires authentication – press “Yes”

Now, your SMTP AOL SMTP server settings are done.

AOL SMTP server setting for Android

Here are the steps to set up the SMTP AOL email server setting for your android devices.

  1. Tap on the “menu” button and then, move to the “settings” option.
  2. Now, look for the “add account” option visible on the screen
  3. Select the “outgoing message settings”

Now, fill in the question through the information given below

aol server settings

  1. Server port –
  2. Port – 465
  3. Requires SSL – press “Yes”
  4. Requires authentication – press “Yes”

AOL IMAP settings >> AOL IMAP Server

Internet messaging access protocol, in short IMAP is a server-setting application that gives you access to your mail account worldwide. This server setting gives the advantage to download your message after reading the message you received, press on the “download” button to get your message downloaded and saved on your device.

AOL IMAP settings for iOS

Steps to set up the AOL IMAP server for your iOS device

  • Tap on the “settings” option on your device
  • Press down and select “Mail, Contacts, calendar”
  • Now, select the email account to receive the emails
  • After putting the mail account, select the option “Incoming mail server”, now choose “
  • IMAP”

Now, fill in the asked questions through the information.

  • Server –
  • Server Port – 993• Requires SSL – Yes

AOL IMAP setting for Android

  • Click on the menu button and then, press the “settings” option.
  • Now, look for the “add account option”
  • Here, you need to configure the “incoming message settings”
  • Now, fill in all the asked questions through the information
  • Server –
  • Server Port – 993
  • Requires SSL – press “Yes”

AOL Support by Us

aol customer serviceIn the article, with our best knowledge, we tried to explain almost every problem and help you out with AOL problems related to getting AOL email access, AOL email login, forgot AOL password, AOL issues, and AOL email server settings as well. If in case of any inconvenience and problems related to AOL, you can even contact us, that is, an independent third-party service provider. Our executives are available for you to help out with your problems.