carboniteCarbonite is a company that offers an online storage facility. It is an American company offering online backup for almost every type of device. You can back up emails, music, photos, documents, videos, setups, and more. The name Carbonite was inspired by a character from Star wars. The Carbonite was founded in 2005 by Jeff Flowers & David Friend. Together they founded multiple projects like FaxNet, Computer Pictures, Sonexis, and Pilot Software. Within a span of a year, Carbonite was a massive success as it backed up almost 100 billion files and restored seven billion lost ones in the same period. Carbonite acquired a cloud company called Mozy in 2017 for one hundred forty-five million dollars; in 2019, it took over Webroot for $618 million. Carbonite plans are available for business as well as individuals.

Here, you can find information about Carbonite login, how to install Carbonite, Carbonite download help, and Carbonite Plans. We will also discuss about Carbonite plans and Carbonite contact numbers. Read the article for the following information. We advise you to call on the help number provided here to connect to an independent third party. You will be provided with appropriate guidance and Carbonite support.

Carbonite sign in instructions

In order to initiate the facilities of Carbonite, you must sign in first. Although the process of Carbonite sign in is quite simple, we still have provided instructions so that you don’t face any issues while performing Carbonite login.

  • In order to sign in to Carbonite account, you need to sign up first
  • Tap on the link
  • Click on the “Sign in” option from the top
  • Tap on “sign in here.”
  • Carbonite login page will appear; tap on Create an account below the Login option
  • Now you have to choose a plan and make a payment or select a free trial
  • Follow the instructions, to complete the account creation
  • Now, go back to the sign-in page and enter the correct credentials
  • Click on “log in.”

Carbonite sign in is done.install carbonite

How to install Carbonite? >> Carbonite download and install help

If we desire to upload our files and documents on the Carbonite online backup app, we need to complete the Carbonite download first. We will also discuss how to install Carbonite on different devices.

How to download and install Carbonite for android?

  • Visit the Play store app on your device
  • Type “Carbonite backup” in the search field
  • Now, tap on the Carbonite app and then on the “install” option
  • Wail for download to be completed
  • Once the Carbonite download is completed, it will automatically begin Carbonite installation

Download Carbonite for Android is done.

How to download and install Carbonite for Mac?

  • Visit the link “”
  • Tap on sign in
  • Enter your account credentials
  • Tap on the menu bar
  • Here, can see the Carbonite download setup
  • You can choose Carbonite plans from the options paid and free options
  • Initially, you can begin with a free trial by tapping on “download now.”
  • Once the download is completed, tap on “run” to install Carbonite
  • Now, agree to the terms
  • Enter the details for the Carbonite sign in

The process of download and installation of Carbonite app is done. Now, you can avail Carbonite online backup facility.

Official Carbonite Telephone Numbers

In this article, we have provided Carbonite help in the form of written instructions. You can easily follow the step-by-step guide. However, if you want to call Carbonite, we have searched Carbonite telephone numbers for you. These numbers have been taken from online sources and are correct, according to our knowledge. We still advise you to verify them before contacting. These numbers change by the owner due to any discrepancies. We are not responsible for that. Here are the Carbonite phone numbers: –carbonite support

Carbonite customer service number +1(85)227-2249
Carbonite phone number 877-665-4466
Carbonite support email [email protected]
Carbonite support number UK +44 333 1234 200

About Carbonite plans

Carbonite is one of the safest online backup service providers. There are a lot of free online backup options available online. However, access to the data is narrow, and the platforms are unreliable. In order to keep our data safe, we need to upload our data on a dependable online backup platform. Hence, it is better to spend a few bucks on your valuable data, as Carbonite pricing starts at a nominal rate with a basic Carbonite plan. The best part is that your data is encrypted, which means it is non-accessible to anyone and is protected from hackers. Carbonite backup pricing is available in the Basic Carbonite plan, Plus Carbonite plan, Prime plan, Core, Power Carbonite plan, Safe plan, Web root plan, Secure Anywhere plan Safe Pro plan, and Ultimate Carbonite plan.

Carbonite Support by Us

carbonite customer serviceCarbonite is a thriving online backup company founded in 2005 by Jeff Flowers & David Friend. This was their 5th project together, as they have done multiple projects earlier. Gone are the days when people used hard drives, Compact disks, and such external backup devices. Since the online backup service became familiar, more people have been leaning towards cloud storage due to its convenience. Carbonite is one of the secure online backup platforms that use encrypted security. Carbonite cost is also rated at a nominal price. In this write-up, we have shared details and instructions about Carbonite login, Carbonite download, and how to install Carbonite for Mac. We have provided you with brief info about Carbonite plans and shared the Carbonite phone number. You can turn up to the article to get information on these topics. If you want to know some more details about Carbonite, you can call on the number provided here to connect yourself to an independent third-party service provider. The executives will listen to you and will assist with your queries.