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Canon inc. is a Multinational company headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. Canon was incorporated in 1933 as Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory by Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida, Goro Yoshida, and Takeo Maeda. It is the biggest manufacturer of imaging devices such as camcorders, photocopiers, cameras, and printers. Canon has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of printers since 2010. After acquiring the Dutch Digital Manufacturing Company in 2020, OCE was officially renamed Canon Production Printing.

Canon is one of the most famous global brand with several products used worldwide. Canon has brought a technological advancement in Printer manufacturing. Canon Printers are available at low cost and have the lowest printing cost. Thus it have a preference for everyone widely.

In this article, we will share information regarding canon printer setup, How to download canon printer drivers, Setup canon printer to wifi & router, and official canon printer customer support. We have also mentioned some common canon printer errors you can face anytime in your printing work. If you cannot solve any error, then you can also call on the number provided on the screen. You will be connected to independent third-party customer support, where executives will listen to your problems and help you with canon printer error troubleshooting steps.

How to download and Install canon printer driver? >> Canon Printer driver download

If you have tried to download the canon printer driver but unable to download it or ended up downloading the canon printer driver that is not compatible with your Operating system. We have mentioned all the steps to download canon printer drivers, you have to follow the guided steps:-canon downloads

  • You have to access the official website for Canon printer driver download
  • You must enter your Canon Printer Model number and your computer operating system version on the official website
  • Select the Driver file and download it
  • Once the download is complete, proceed to the installation process of Canon Printer driver
  • Right-click on the downloaded file and select the Open option.
  • Click on the Run Option available on your screen for driver installation
  • Now you have to follow the guided steps available on your screen to complete driver installation
  • Once the driver gets installed, click on the Finish setup option to complete the installation Process
  • Restart your computer as per your operating system demand

The Canon printer driver installation process is complete now. Now you can quickly proceed with the canon printer setup process.

How to setup canon printer to wifi & Router?

Canon printers are technologically advanced to connect through wifi, and are easy to use. The setup process will allow your wireless Canon printer to be easily usable through the wifi range.

canon printer setupThis setup guide will help you to set up Wireless Canon Printer- Pixma MG3540 to wifi easily. The setup process may vary as per the model number. Follow the guided steps below:-

  • Make sure you must be using Wi-Fi-protected access security protocol WPA2 as most of  the access point uses this same protocol
  • Power on the Printer, press & hold the Wifi button available on the panel until the led light starts flashing
  • The wifi Button will flash until it gets connected to the wifi.
  • Once the Canon Printer connect to wifi, the lamp will stop flashing.

To confirm whether your Printer is connected to wifi, Load your Printer with an A4 sheet. Press and Hold the Resume button on your Printer until it flashes 15 times, then release it. The information page will be Printed, check and verify your network name on the Information page.

How to connect Canon Printer to Mac? >> Canon Printer Support

After you have completed the setup of your Printer to the wireless WAP2 network and further installing the suitable driver to your MAC, you need to follow the guided steps to connect canon Printer to MAC:

  • First of all you need to sign-in on the Apple Mac device
  • Now select the system preference from the menu bar
  • In the system preference menu bar, you will find Printer and scanner option on the display
  • In the next step, click on the “Print Scanner” and “Add Printer Scanner” option
  • Select the canon printer model number, and follow the on screen-instructions to complete the setup process
  • Once the setup Is complete, your Canon printer will be available to use with your MAC device

How to Print from Phone to Canon Printer?

set up canon printerAdvanced technology has made easy for us to print any document efficiently and cost-effectively. So one feature that canon printers allow us for convenience is printing the document directly through the phone. To print the document directly through the phone, follow the guided steps

  • Download the canon printer official app From the play store named SELPHY
  • Follow the guided steps on your app to register and log in to the app
  • Connect your Printer through the SELPHY app through the wireless connection option in the app
  • You can also connect through Canon printer Bluetooth connection or Canon printer wifi setup option
  • Now Your Printer is ready to print any document through the phone

Note: – The available steps are only for the Wireless canon printer printing from Android phone.

How to set up a canon printer password?

We often want to set up a password for our canon printer for security or want to change the canon printer default password. The canon printer with a specific model has the password setup option. The canon printer comes with a common user name ADMIN, and your canon admin default password can be Canon or the printer serial number as specified. To change the canon default password, follow the guided steps:-

The Admin password setup is for the canon printer model number TS3320

  • Select the security option available in the menu from the printer status
  • Now navigate to the change administration password setting option
  • Enter the default password to change the password
  • The password must contain the 0-32 alphanumeric keys
  • Once the password is set, tap the ok option to save the password

Official Canon Printer Support

Here are some Official customer support Helpline numbers for Canon Printer Customer Support. We have collected all the information from Official websites and various resources on the internet. These canon helpline numbers are best and active 24*7 to assist you. We recommend you verify before contacting canon support. The given information can also be changed by its official service providers without any prior notice. We are not responsible for any change in the given help

Canon Printer Customer Service Number +1 800-652-2666
Canon support Number 1-844-462-9439
Canon Printer phone Number UK +44 (0)207 660 0186
Canon Customer Product Support Number UK 1-800-OKCANON
Canon Printer Service Center Number 1-800-OKCANON
Canon Printer Helpline Number 1-800-828-4040

Canon printer Errors:

You may face common canon printer errors while using it in our daily practice. We have mentioned some common errors with their troubleshooting steps, and you can follow these:

Canon Printer Error B200:

canon errorCanon printer Error B200 is one of the most common and straightforward to resolve. If you see Canon Printer error B200, It’s the result of both or one of the cartridges having overheated in your Printer. To resolve canon printer error B200, you must replace your Printer’s Cartridge. Follow the guided steps for cartridge replacement in your Printer:-

  • First of all, Open the top lid of your Printer
  • Check that the cartridge are overheated & reaches the replacement position
  • Now replace the cartridge with a new cartridge and close the top lid.
  • Once you finish with the whole process, restart the Printer

If your Printer still faces the same issue, that means your Printer needs servicing.

Canon Printer Error 5100:

Sometimes while replacing the cartridge, we forget to lock our printer’s headlock, which may cause canon error 5100. Other than this, sometimes our Printer displays the same error due to paper jams or due to the presence of foreign material inside. Just follow the guided steps for error setup.

  • Never forget to lock the headlock while replacing the ink cartridge
  • Carefully remove the jammed paper or any other foreign material present in it
  • While removing the jammed paper or the foreign material, be careful to avoid touching any other part of the Printer, which may cause further damage to your computer

Canon Printer Error E59:

This error may cause due the paper and Printer setting mismatch, paper jam, or pending print in queue. To avoid this canon printer error E59 follows the guided steps below:-

  • The first thing we need to do is to stop and cancel every print activity going on at the time of error
  • Remove any jammed paper out by opening the lid of the Printer
  • Make sure the paper and Printer settings match by selecting the correct media through the driver s available option
  • Once you find out main cause resolve the canon printer error e59, restart the Printer

Canon Printer Flashing Orange Light:

canon printer flashing orange lightIf you are using Printer, you might face canon printer flashing orange light. Sometimes our canon printer faces common problems like the Paper tray being out of paper, the print head not closed, or some issues with the ink tank like the low ink tank is not recognizable, these are some of the basic reasons behind orange light flashing on canon printer. In order to fix the issue, just follow the steps.

  • First check your paper tray and see the paper is available or not
  • In the next step check for ink in the ink tank, and fill the inks if required
  • Now check the print head is properly closed or not, this can also be a cause for canon printer flashing orange light

Canon Error 5011:

Canon Error 5011 is one of the common errors that we face in our daily printing work and it can be easily resolved. It may happen due to the printer ink cartridge being missing as its being not readable by the Printer or due to a paper jam at the print head. Follow the guided steps to resolve the issue:-

  • First, Turn off the Printer and open the upper lid of the Printer
  • Remove the cartridge and check for any damage
  • If cartridge has any damage, replace it with a new one, or if there is no damage, reinstall it after cleaning it gently
  • To remove any jammed paper from the print head, open the print head and gently remove the paper
  • Once all the steps are completed and check the canon error 5011 will be resolved

Canon Printer Support by Us:

canon printers supportCanon printers are a widely used product. It is known for its cost-efficient printing and low maintenance cost. Canon printers have many models available with different features to be used in other work environments and as per your requirement. You can call us on the helpline number available on the website for canon printer troubleshooting. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider for your troubleshooting. The executive will listen to your concern and provide a proper resolution for your canon printer.

In this article, we have shared information regarding canon printer setup, How to download canon printer driver, Setup canon printer to wifi & router, and official canon printer customer support. We have also mentioned some common canon printer errors you can face anytime in your printing work. If you cannot solve any error, then you can also call on the number provided on the screen. You will be connected to independent third-party customer support, where executives will listen to your problems and help you with canon printer error troubleshooting steps.