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BellSouth Cooperation or Bellsouth is an American Telecommunication company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a one of the divisions of ATT formerly known as the Regional Bell Operating Companies. In 1984, US department of justice, forced AT&T or American Telephone & Telegraph Company to divide into regional Bells in order to break its monopoly. On December 2006, Bellsouth was acquired by AT& T for about $86 billion. BellSouth was a holding Company in Southern portion of the old Bell System that is – Atlanta-based Southern Bell and Birmingham, Alabama-based South Central Bell. In this article, we will deal with how to create account at email, Bellsouth email login, reset Bellsouth net password, Bellsouth email settings and more. You can refer to the article for all Bellsouth related issues. However, if you are still having trouble, you can call on the number provided here, you will connect yourself to an independent third party service provider. They will pick up your call to solve your queries.

How to create account at Bellsouth email? >> Bellsouth email sign up help

Let us begin with opening Bellsouth email account. It is quite easy and straightforward to create account at Bellsouth email. As Bellsouth is acquired by ATT since 2006, we need to visit official Bellsouth website.

Follow these steps: –

  • Open your browser and type in Sign up for Bellsouth, tap on the first link that will be
  • You will be directed to official ATT email website
  • On the login page, tap on “Create One Now” below “Sign in”
  • On the next page, you can see “Select a service”, since we are creating Bellsouth email account, select AT&T e-mail
  • Choose username with either of the domain – or
  • Enter your first name, last name, date of birth and click on “Continue”
  • Next, you need to fill in some more details and follow on screen instructions
  • Click on “Create”, and your account will be created

Following these steps will help you to create Bellsouth email account.

How do I log into my Bellsouth email? >> Bellsouth email login help

bellsouth email loginOnce you have created an account for Bellsouth, it is easier for you to proceed with Bellsouth login. We are aware that Bellsouth email login is pretty simple, but in order to provide a proper guide on Bellsouth email we are covering “ email login” as well.

Go through these steps for email login: –

  • Visit the browser, and enter Bellsouth email login
  • Tap on the first link which will open Bellsouth email login page
  • Enter your User ID with the domain which you have selected earlier i.e. either or
  • Now, enter your password making sure caps lock key is off
  • If you desire to be signed in and want to keep yourself away from the hassle of entering credentials each time, you can even tap on “keep me signed in”
  • Click on “Sign in” and you are done

This completed BellSouth login.

How to reset Bellsouth net password? >> Reset Bellsouth password help

It is good to change your password to prevent it from hackers. If you see any suspicious activity make sure to change it. Don’t know how to change password for Bellsouth? We have a guide for you!

Follow these easy steps:-

  • Go to the official website of BellSouth email
  • Enter your account credentials and tap on Sign in
  • Tap on Sign-in-info
  • Choose “Change password”
  • Next, fill in your current password
  • Enter new password and re-enter the same
  • Click on “Save”

You have now successfully changed your password.

Bellsouth Official Number

bellsouth email support phone number

BellSouth is an American based Company and is a part of the Baby Bells. Right now Bellsouth is working under ATT. Here, we have deliv

ered a guide on BellSouth email. You can always read this write up for BellSouth email. However, if you are searching for official BellSouth email number, yo

u can find it in this part – BellSouth official number. Kindly note that this number is taken from the available online sources and is correct in our knowledge. This

 number can be changed due to any discrepancies and we are not responsible for that. Please make sure to verify before proceeding. We could only find one Bellsouth customer service number for the Bellsouth email. However, there are more numbers for other Bellsouth services.

Bellsouth customer support number (888) 333 6651

Bellsouth forgot password help

If you forgot your BellSouth password you can easily recover it by following easy steps.

  Go through the steps carefully to find Bellsouth forgot password help: –

  • Go to official Bellsouth page that is “com/myatt
  • Fill in your email ID and tap on forgot password
  • Once you tap on “forgot password” you will be bought to Bellsouth forgot password page
  • Enter details like and answer some security questions
  • When you answer the security question, you will get access to a code that you have to enter on Bellsouth forgot password page
  • Here you need to fill in the code and then, enter new password and enter it again

This is how to recover forgotten password.

What to do if email not working? >> email login problems

We have discovered a lot of questions related to email login problems. In this part of the article you can get to know about these problems and we will also be sharing a solution to them. Read them carefully to solve email login problems.

  • email login problemsInternet connection: –

If your internet is not working, you will face Bellsouth internet problem. Check your internet connection, and cables. If they are connected properly then restart your router. It will help restore your internet connection.

  • Check your password: –

Incorrect password is one of the obvious reasons for your BellSouth issues. Make sure caps lock is off. Enter your password again, if this doesn’t work there is a possibility that you might have forgotten your password. You can easily recover your Bellsouth forgotten password with the guide provided in this write up.

  • Mail storage is full: –

Delete insignificant mails in order to free space for new mails. If your Mail storage is full, you can face Bellsouth email not working on iPhone issue and you will not be able to send or receive any emails.

  • Disable antivirus and firewall: –

Antivirus can cause issues and be a barrier in smooth functioning of the Bellsouth mail service. Disabling antivirus can be a good idea. You can disable firewall and then try using antivirus. You can easily disable the antivirus on your device from task manager.

  • Outdated browser:- email not working issue can be resolved by updating the browser.  Outdated browser may cause issue in sending and receiving mails. Kindly update your browser from browser settings, and try again.

Bellsouth server settings: –

Configuring Bellsouth server settings is a good idea. You can easily make these settings with the guide provided in the section below. Bellsouth email server settings can solve not working issue.

How to make Bellsouth email settings? >> Bellsouth IMAP settings

In order to make Bellsouth Server settings you need configure the settings in the device you are using. In this part we have provided you a complete guide on BellSouth email server settings. Follow the steps carefully provided in this section.

BellSouth SMTP settings

SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a tool used to process the codes available in your messages. Making these settings is important for your mails, and messages to be able to send and receive.

How to set up Bellsouth email on iPhone?

Here are the steps to set up Bellsouth email on iPhone: –

bellsouth email settings

  • Visit settings on your iOS device
  • Choose and tap on “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”
  • Tap on the Mail Account
  • Click on “Outgoing Mail Server”
  • Click on SMTP and fill in the required information and make some changes
  • Select server as “”
  • Slide the Port to turn it on and select port number as 465
  • Choose SSL/TLS as security
  • Fill in your Username and Password
  • Similarly, make IMAP settings
  • Server should be selected as “”
  • Port number for IMAP should be 993
  • For security select- SSL/TLS
  • Enter your credentials –Username and Password

You are done with the server settings for

How to setup Bellsouth net email on android?

Follow these steps to setup BellSouth email on an android device.

  • Tap on “menu” and open “Settings”
  • Tap on accounts and choose “Settings”
  • Make the following changes
  • Under Incoming Mail server settings and enter
  • Port number is to be selected as 993 for IMAP
  • SSL/TLS is to be selected in security
  • Tap on “Done” to complete the process

How to setup Bellsouth net email on android query is resolved.

BellSouth Support from us

bellsouth customer serviceBellSouth is an American Telecommunication company. It is now being accessed under Yahoo as Yahoo is paid from ATT to provide email services of BellSouth. The Company was formed in 1983 after the division of ATT into the bell system.  Bellsouth was a Southern regional Bell of the system. In this article we have provided a guide on Bellsouth login, email not working, Bellsouth forgot password help, and more of such BellSouth concerns. You can refer to the article for all of these BellSouth problems. However, if you are still stuck somewhere you can call on the number provided on this website, you will be connected to an independent third party service provider. The executives of independent third party will connect to you to answer your queries.