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HP Inc., formerly known as Hewlett-Packard, is an American multinational leading IT company. It is a leading manufacturer of computer hardware and accessories. HP Inc. was formed in November 2015 after Hewlett-Packard split into two parts HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard enterprises. HP is a leading brand in printer manufacturing as its printers are known for their cost-efficient printing, low maintenance, and economical price.

This article will share information about HP printer setup, “How to download HP printers drivers and Install”, “How to connect HP wireless printers”, ” how to connect phone to HP printers”, “How to reset HP printers”, and Official HP printer support services. Additionally, we will also guide through troubleshooting HP printer errors. After reading this article, you can easily Setup your HP printer and troubleshoot errors related to it. For additional support, you can also contact the Independent support provider through the number provided on the website. You will be connected to a third-party service provider. The executives will listen to your issue and provide the best resolution for your HP printer errors.

How to Download HP Printer Drivers:

Initially, to setup HP Printer starts with downloading and installing the printer driver. Usually, HP printers come with Drivers, but if you have lost or damaged the compact disk, downloading the driver is necessary for your HP printer. To download the HP printer driver, follow the guided steps below:

  • Visit the official HP customer support website
  • Click on the tab related to Software and Driver
  • You will find the Search box stating Enter your product name (you have to enter your HP Printers model number)
  • Click submit once you entered the Printers model number
  • You will find multiple Drivers listed with your priority driver listed above in the list
  • Click and download the driver and save it to the desired location in your operating system (You can also download the HP universal driver from the list. It will support your multiple HP printers and also supports the other brand printers)

Once you have finished downloading the driver, you need to go through the driver installation setup steps mentioned below to install HP Printer drivers:

  • Navigate and open the location where you have saved your HP printer drivers
  • Right-click on the Driver software and choose Run as Administration option
  • Click on the check box to Agree on the user agreement and adhere to the on-screen guided steps to finish the installation of HP Printer drivers

How to Connect HP Wireless Printer:hp wireless printer

To setup HP wireless printer, we have to perform several steps on the control panel of our HP printer. As HP wireless printers have multiple ranges like Inkjet, laser-jet, and laser, each range has various models with different technical features. Some of them have a touchscreen control panel, and some of them have button control panels.

Steps to turn on the wireless connectivity in touchscreen printers:

  • Navigate to settings from the main menu of the printers control panel
  • Navigate and open the wireless settings
  • After that, you have to select the “wireless setup wizard” option
  • Now select your network and enter the password

To open the restore Network settings in the non-touchscreen Printers, go through the guided steps beneath:

  • Press the Wireless button along with the cancel button together
  • Hold the buttons together until the wireless buttons light start flashing after the power button light

Once you perform the above activity to restore the network settings for further HP printer wireless setup, we need to conduct additional steps through our operating system to connect the HP printer to our computer. Follow the steps below for further setting.

  • Download and install HP smart software on your operating system
  • Register for the HP account through the HP smart software
  • Once you have registered for the HP account now, you will have access to all printer functions
  • Ensure that the wireless option(Bluetooth or WIFI) is open in your operating system
  • Make sure your Printer and computer are in the range of the wifi network
  • Select the option Add Printer in your HP smart software and follow the on-screen guided steps to complete the HP wireless setup

How to Connect Phone to HP Printer:

As we can perform most of our tech tasks through the phone. Thus the HP printer allows us to complete daily print activities through the phone. To connect phone to HP printer, you have to adhere to the steps below:

  • Install HP Smart app into your phone through the verified app store
  • Log in to your HP Account. If you are a new user, register to HP account
  • Tap on the option Add Printer in your HP Smart app
  • Make sure for the initial steps you need to be in the range of your Printer and WIFI
  • Open the Wireless option (Bluetooth, WIFI, or nearby location) in your phone during the Setup
  • For Restoring network settings in our HP wireless Printers:
  1. In Printers with touchscreen control panels, open the wireless setting, go to the wireless setup wizard, tap on your Wifi Network, and enter the password
  2. For the non-touch control panel printer, press and hold the cancel & wireless buttons together until the power button light starts blinking, then wait for the wireless light to start blinking
  • In the next step, you have to wait for the printer model number to be visible on your mobile HP smart app
  • Tap on the Printer and follow the on-screen guided steps to complete the Setup

How to Update Firmware on HP Printer:

Go through the guided steps mentioned below for updating HP printer Firmware on your touchscreen printer:

  • Go to the option related to Setup on your Printer’s control panel and Tap on the Printer preference option. Printer maintenance & Tools option may also be available as per your printer model
  • Tap on the Web services. Options may vary as per printer models you will find Printer Update Or Laser Jet Update Options also
  • Tap on the update option if the Printer shows an update is available ( make sure your Printer is connected to Network or Ethernet)
  • Once the update gets finished, your Printer will be ready to use (Do not turn off your Printer during the firmware update)

How to Reset HP Printer:

Resetting HP Printer makes the Printer get back to its default settings. To reset the HP printer to the default setting, we need to follow three simple steps mentioned beneath:

  • Unplug the HP printer from its power cord and remove the power cord from the main supply
  • Re-plug the HP printer back into the power supply after 30 seconds ( Make sure to plug the HP printer directly into the Wall unit and avoid using a Surge protector as recommended by HP Support)
  • Turn on your Printer And press hold the resume button until the attention light blinks

You have to wait for a few moments while the Printer gets reset. Some of HP printers will automatically get to the Default factory setting once plug it back in and restarts it after 30 seconds.

Official HP printer support services

You can contact HP printer support services through the contact details mentioned below. We have collected these contact through various resources on the internet. Please verify these contact details for HP printer support services before using them, as the officials can change them anytime.hp tech support

HP customer care call center (800) 752-0900
HP customer service & support number 1-888-259-5707
HP email for delivery issues [email protected]
HP number for troubleshooting (UK) 0207 660 0596
HP Printer support number (USA and Canada) 1-800-334-5144
HP Printer support number Australia 61 3 8877 5000
HP Printer support number UK 0870 842 2339
HP technical support number 800-474-6836
HP office number Australia 61 2 8278 4492
HP office number Canada 888-206-0291
HP office number USA 1 650-857-1501
Toll number support for HP 3D Scanner: (UK) +44 207 660 0403
HP chat support Chat Support

HP Printer Errors:

In this portion of the article, we have mentioned some common HP printer errors & troubleshooting steps that you might face while using HP printers. Please read the below segment related to Error and there for sure shot solutions.

HP 79 Service Error:

HP error 79 is a firmware error, and it may arise if your HP printer firmware gets corrupted or gets outdated. To resolve this Error, Monitor the directed steps stated below:

  • Please turn off your Printer and unplug the power cord from it
  • Restart your Printer after 30 sec
  • Check for the firmware version and update it, if the Printer shows new firmware available

49.38.0c HP Error:

HP 49.38.0c is a firmware error that may arise when a Print command is not recognizable by the printer or firmware is corrupted. It is easy to troubleshoot errors as we need to update the firmware to resolve this Error. To fix this Error, follow the same troubleshooting steps as above in service error 79.

HP Error Codes 49.4c02:

This Error may arise due to any print command related to files that may be corrupted or are not recognizable by the Printer. HP Error Codes 49.4c02 is easy to troubleshoot through the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn off your Printer directly by discontinuing the power supply. Doing this will refresh and clear the memory of the Printer
  • Turn on the Printer after one minute
  • Once the Printer gets stabilized after turning on HP Error code 49.4c02 will be resolved by then

If the error is still not resolved, disconnect the Printer from wifi and manually cancel all the print jobs from the Printer controls panel. Also, clear the print queue in your operating system.

HP Printer support by us:hp customer support

Above in this article, we have mentioned information related to HP printers such as “How to download HP printers drivers”, “How to connect HP wireless printer”, “How to connect phone to HP printer”, “How to reset HP printer” and “Official HP printer support services”. Moreover, we have also shared information related to sure shot troubleshooting related to HP Printer errors. By reading the above article, you can easily set up your HP printer and resolve certain HP Printer errors like HP 79 service error, 49.38.0c HP error, and HP Error code 49.4c02. You can also call on the number provided on the website for third-party support related to HP Printers. The executive will listen to you and guide you through all issues related to the HP Printer.