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TP-Link Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company founded in 1996. It manufactures computer networking products. Its headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Its products contain mobile phones, switches, high-speed cable modems, ADSL, IP Cameras, wireless routers, range extender routers, powerline adapters, wireless adapters, media converts, print servers, power banks, media converters, and SMART home technologies systems. The company also developed the OnHub routers for Google. To know more about the specialization of TP-Link products, you can contact TP Link helpline via TP link customer service phone number. One of the most utilized products is its routers that help you in forwarding the data packet with the help of the network until and unless it is received by its proper destination. TP-Link routers are very important for personal & business purposes as well. It can be utilized for software purposes as well as the hardware purpose. The company has a wide range of routers which are provided with unique and different features. Here is a look at the amazing features of the TP-Link link router setup

Salient features of TP Link router

  • TP Link MU-MIMO router is manufactured to support four systems at a time. That’s why, this router is called multi output, multi user, multi input router. Archer C2300 & C3150 have dual band. Archer 2300, 3150 and C5400 facilitate the abovementioned.
  • TL-WR841HP & WR941HP are the highly powered routers. They provide the best coverage.
  • 4G LTE and TP Link Compact are powered by 4G or 3G mobile broadband plan. It provides instant internet access.
  • TL-WR1043ND & TL-WR1043N provide speed up to 450Mbps. These routers come with a USB port and three antennas that provide a larger coverage area.
  • There are several other routers in Archer range including C2, C5, C7, C9, C20, C25, C50, C59, C60, C1200 and C3200 that provide gigabit speed.

TP Link router helps you to connect to the web using an Internet service provider. It also helps in interchanging information about the address of the destination with the help of a router protocol. You can contact TP link customer service number to know more about the products. As soon as you dial the TP Link number, you will be assigned the best TP Link customer support expert available at the TP-Link router setup service. The TP Link tech support experts will listen to all your queries and provide the finest solutions. You can easily access the verified TP Link support number by visiting the main site where you may find some other contact option to interact with TP-Link support executives such as TP Link live chat, email support or remote access assistance.

TP Link Router Setup >> How to Set up TP Link router

This is how to set up TP Link router. Follow the steps thoroughly and try to set up your TP-Link router without any hassles. Sometimes while the users perform TP Link router setup for the first time, they find it difficult to connect with their computer. In this condition, they can contact the TP Link customer support team available at the TP Link router setup service. The TP link phone number is suitable & quickest options for them. Before calling any TP Link tech support number, they should try to execute these guidelines first:tp link customer support

  1. Firstly, you have to unbox or uncover your TP-Link router completely. Once you have done it, place the router to the ISP modem.
  2. After that, attach the modem to the router’s WAN port via the Ethernet cable.
  3. Power on your TP-link router. When the router has a connection, its light blink in green color.
  4. Connect the LAN port of the router to the computer using the Ethernet. It doesn’t matter which port number you utilize.
  5. Open your internet browser and enter as the IP address into the address bar. Now, hit enter key from your keyboard. If (IP address) does not work, then you should try IP address.
  6. After doing this, a TP Link setup window will appear on the screen.
  7. Enter the username and password which are admin & admin into the given space. For more info, just dial TP Link tech support number.

After following the above instructions, if the TP Link router setup task is completed successfully, then you don’t need to contact the TP-Link support. If you’re still not able to perform TP-Link router setup due to some issue, then you can contact TP Link customer service phone number or use TP Link live chat. The technicians who are always present at TP Link help line will resolve your issue by providing a profitable solution. In order to get this TP Link contact number, visit the main page.

If you aren’t able to reach the official TP Link number, then use our support number available on this site to help you. When you dial this number, you will be connected with the sovereign independent third-party TP Link customer service number.

TP Link Tech Support >> How to reset TP Link router?

Resetting up TP-Link router is quite simple if you perform these guidelines mentioned in this section very carefully. However, there are many reasons that may require you to reset your TP Link router such as:

  • Your router may lose the wifi link support number
  • You have forgotten the username & password of the TP link router. Here you need to change the default username & password.
  • There also some other issues that may block you from accessing any of the settings on TP Link router.

We have mentioned here some instructions regarding how to reset TP Link router successfully. Follow them very carefully and try resetting without any hindrance. Resetting TP-link router is an easy and simple process in some cases. If you have any trouble while implementing this procedure, then you can contact TP Link router customer service by dialing TP Link phone number.

  1. Power on your TP Link router and keep turning it on for some time.
  2. Locate the ‘Reset/WPS’ button given on the reverse side of your router.
  3. Click the button & keep it clicked on until the power LED starts to blink.
  4. After restoring defaults, you can even sign in to the web management window on TP-link router.
  5. Follow the System Tools -> Factory defaults. The router will reset itself & reboot automatically. Although, if you’ve forgotten the router web login credentials, you may not be capable to utilize this process. For further help, contact TP-Link customer service via TP Link support number.

This is how to reset TP Link router. Execute the steps thoroughly and try retting your router without any hassles. If you stuck anywhere while using these instructions, then you can contact TP Link tech support team via TP Link contact number. The TP Link help team present at the TP Link router customer service will rectify your problems instantly and deliver your appropriate solutions through TP Link customer service number.

TP Link Support Numbers – Official:

We have mentioned some official TP Link contact numbers and links in the downward chart. You can make use of them to interact with the TP Link customer support experts present at the TP-Link customer service. Although, there are chances that these TP Link phone numbers and links may vary or get changed by the OEMs. We aren’t sure why and when these changes are done.

If the hindrance still goes on, dial our support phone number written on this webpage for the optimum solution. It will transfer your phone number to a sovereign independent 3rd party TP Link customer service phone number.

TP Link Support Number +1 626 333 0234
TP Link Technical Support for Home +1 866 225 8139
TP Link Technical Support for Business +1 844 287 4762
TP Link USA Email Support [email protected]
TP Link Business Email Support [email protected]

tp-link router setupTP-link Support >> How to setup TP Link wireless router

If you are searching for the process of setting up a TP-link wireless router, then you have come to the right place. This guide will assist you properly. If any technical issue happens, dial TP Link phone number.

  1. Firstly, connect your TP-link router to the internet cable provided by an internet service provider.
  2. By using the Ethernet cable, connect the router to your computer.
  3. Launch the web browser and type IP address for accessing the TP Link router configuration page.
  4. After that, enable your wireless and perform the guideline for setting up the router.
  5. Enter the password (network key) and SSID (network name) into the given space.
  6. Once you have done all the above things, just save the settings and then reboot the router.
  7. After doing so, the TP-link router has been installed. For further help regarding this topic, dial TP Link customer service number.

This is how to set up TP-link wireless router. If you follow these points listed above very carefully, then you can complete this task successfully. Conversely, if the initial glitch is solved through this guide, but you are facing some other issues, then you can contact the TP-Link customer service by dialing TP link customer service number for the best solutions. The verified TP Link number can be easily accessed from the official support site.

TP-Link Customer Service >> How to install TP-Link router with PPPoE connection

Once you have done the above procedure that means you have successfully connected the router to the cable. Now, you have to install the TP-Link router with a PPPoE connection. For this, you should go through this guide thoroughly. If you need further information regarding this section, then calling TP Link customer service phone number is the best option.

  1. First of all, open your web browser and locate the setup link phone number
  2. Locate the management page of the router in order to configure the WAN connection type.
  3. Press Network > WAN options for changing the WAN connection type to PPPoE connection.
  4. Enter the username & password provided by the internet service provider.
  5. When you have done all these things, reboot the router after saving all the settings.
  6. Now, you can modify the security password & SSID name whenever you need it.
  7. At last, restart your device and try linking to the wireless network. For more info, dial TP Link router customer service number.

This installation process will help you properly to install the TP-Link router with a PPPoE connection. Do these actions very carefully and in case of any problem, just dial TP Link customer support number. The TP Link help team sitting at the TP Link router setup service will rectify all problems and provide appropriate solutions. As the TP Link router customer service is available 24*7 hours, day and night, you can call TP Link support number anytime whenever you need it.

In case, you’re not satisfied with TP Link customer support, then you can call us at our support number displayed on this website. We will soon connect you with the independent third-party TP Link contact number.

TP Link Live Chat >> How to setup & configure TP Link N router as a wireless access point

This guide will describe how you can configure the TP-Link N router as a wireless access point. For this configuration, the WAN port isn’t used. You should reach out to the TP-Link router setup service or use TP Link live chat if you find any difficulty or errors while applying these steps. To get more information regarding this guide, you need to contact TP-Link support team by dialing TP Link phone link customer service number

  1. Firstly, take the Ethernet cable and attach your PC to the 2nd LAN port of the router. Sign in to the web interface to TP-link by proving the IP address.
  2. Locate the side menu. Once you got it, click Network > LAN options and modify the router’s LAN IP address on a similar segment of the primary router. It should be outside the DHCP range to the main router.
  3. Follow the wireless -> wireless security options and then set up the network name (SSID) that can be similar or dissimilar from the primary router. Choose the “Save” button.
  4. Again, locate the wireless > wireless security and then you require configuring wireless security. When you have done the configuration task, press the “Save” button. In case, you’re utilizing a dual-band router, just repeat this procedure for 5 gigahertz band. For any help, dial the TP Link contact number.
  5. Click the ‘DHCP’ > ‘DHCP settings’ options and choose the Disable DHCP server. Hit save button.
  6. Now, follow the ‘System tools’ > ‘reboot’ and choose the “Reboot” for rebooting the system.
  7. For the final step, you need the Ethernet cable for connecting the TP-link router to the main router via LAN ports. Now, any wifi device can get the internet connection via the TP-link router by utilizing a network name (SSID) and network key (password). For additional help, you can directly call TP Link support number.

After following the above guidelines, you can easily configure your TP-Link N router as a wireless access point, and you will not have to contact TP-Link router setup center regarding any help. Alternatively, if the initial glitch be solved and you are facing some other issue, then you can contact the TP Link tech support team for the profitable resolution to the glitch. As TP-Link customer service is open 24/7 round the clock, you can give a call on TP Link number anytime.

TP-Link Support >> How to link Google assistant to TP-Link Kasa account

This section will walk you through the process to connect google assistant to your TP-Link Kasa account by using the Google assistance smartphone application. If you have any queries regarding this section, then you can contact TP Link tech support experts via TP Link Kasa support link customer service phone number

  1. Firstly, launch the Google Assistant application.
  2. Click the “circle” button shown on the top right side of the screen.
  3. Now, locate the “…” icon and click on it.
  4. After that, click the “settings” option and then choose the Home control.
  5. Locate the ‘+’ icon on the window and click on it.
  6. From the next window, select the “TP-Link Kasa” option.
  7. Sign in to your Google account.
  8. After doing this, sign in to your TP-Link Kasa account by entering the right login credentials.
  9. Now, the Kasa account’s devices will become part of the Google Assistant as well. Look for the “Pencil” icon and click on it to assign the no. room.
  10. In the next tab, click the desired room name and then hit on the back arrow given at the top left side.
  11. After doing this, click the yellow “Done” button.
  12. In the end, press the “Got it” button and you have done it successfully. To get further TP Link Kasa support, you can dial TP Link router customer service number or use TP Link live chat.

This is how to link Google assistant to the TP-Link Kasa account. Implement the steps provided above very carefully and end this task without any hiccups. If you stuck anywhere while doing these actions, then you can contact TP Link Kasa support team by dialing TP Link support number. You can access this authorized TP Link number from the main page. As the TP Link helpline is open round the clock, you can give a call on TP-Link router setup number to get in touch with the TP Link Kasa support experts.

If you couldn’t connect with the official TP Link customer service phone number, then you can use our support number shown on this site. It will redirect you to the best independent third-party TP Link Kasa support number.