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tp linkRouters are the kind of device that helps in connecting two or more than two packet-switched networks or subnetworks. It has mainly two functions: firstly, it helps in managing the traffic between the networks, that by forwarding the data packets to intended IP addresses, and secondly, it allows multiple devices to connect to the same internet connection. There are many types of routers present in the market, but most of the routers are between the category LANs i.e., local area networks, and WANs, i.e., Wide area networks. A LAN allows the devices to connect but, also restricts them to a specific geographic area. A LAN does not demand for multiple routers, it needs one single router only. A WAN, for instance, is usually used for a large geographical area. Many large organizations and companies that operate in multiple locations across the country need separate LANs for their companies, these LANs, later on, get connected to each other to make a WAN. TP-link technologies co. Ltd is a computer manufacturing company based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Zhao Jianjun and Zhao Jiaxing, two brothers introduced TP-link to the world in 1996. They had produced and developed a network card and wanted to market that network card. The name of the company was mainly based on the concept of “Twisted pair link” which was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. TP-link is a cabling network that helps in reducing electromagnetic interference, which is why “TP” is the name of the company. In the year 2005, TP-link extended to international borders. In the year 2007, the company started to grow that is expanded to 100,000-square-meter headquarter in Shenzhen’s Hi-Tech Industry Park. Finally, in 2008, people get to see TP-link in the United State of America. This article will give you information about TP link set up, TP link reset, TP link login router and more of related topics. You can even connect to us (an independent third party) via Phone number available on this website.

How to set up TP link router? >> TP link set up help

Setting up a router is beneficial for large firms. These big companies with networks around the world need routers for their company to expand their connection around the globe. Therefore, below are the steps for TP link set up. Kindly follow the steps for TP link router setup. These are the steps for how to setup TP link.

  • Firstly, after unpacking the router, you need to find a place for your router and also, the ISP modem
  • After finding a suitable place, you need to attach the modem to the router’s WAN with the help of the Ethernet cable that came along with your router
  • Turn on the power of your TP-link router. To confirm if the router has turned on, it will show green light in front, if you can see a green light then, it is switched “ON”
  • Now, you need to connect the LAN port, also to the computer again with the help of an Ethernet cable. NOTE: here, the port number does not matter, whichever you use is fine.
  • Now, you need to enter in the address bar as the IP address, next up press the enter key from your keyboard.
  • After completing the above steps your TP Link router setup is almost complete, that you can see on your screen
  • Now is the time that you enter your username and password which are set default, that is, admin & admin in the columns given.

What are the steps for TP link router login? >> TP link login router instructions

After the TP link set up, you need to follow the steps of TP link router login. Below are the steps for TP link router login, follow the steps properly to sign into your TP link router.

  • Firstly, make sure that you are connected to your router.
  • Now, secondly you need to type on your browser
  • Now, you need to enter the username and the password for TP link router login
  • tplink loginAfter entering the username and password, you need to press the “Continue” button, and now you are logged into your TP link router.

How to change TP link router default password? >> TP link extender default password change

When you change your password more often, you are protecting yourself from cybercrime. Nowadays, online scamming is growing day by day and hackers do hack your router to use your internet connection. You need to change your TP link router default password.

  • Follow the steps given above to log in to your TP link router
  • Now, go to the “wireless settings” option
  • There, you can see the quick setup settings, select that, these settings are for you to access TP link wireless security.
  • Now, select the option “set new password”, and enter the new password that you want to set for your TP link router.

How to reset TP link? >> TP link reset guide

In case, you are facing some issues with your TP link router and you want to reset your router, then this part of the article will help in TP link reset. Follow the steps given below properly.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that your router and power source are plugged in with the power cord
  • Kindly turn off your router
  • There is a button behind the router, which is the reset button, that will help in TP link reset, press the reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Now, you have to wait for the reset to complete
  • Next, you will need to setup TP link router again as it has been factory reset

Tp link reset is done.

How to solve the TP link router problems?

Routers will help your multiple devices to connect to an internet connection, but it is a possible that you might face issues while connecting. Given below are some issues for you.

  • Check IP address of your TP link

It is always important for the IP address to work to process the router.  It is possible that your device might face an issue configuring the IP address, if it feels a difficulty in configuration then, the router will not work. Therefore, you need to check the IP address to solve the problem.

  • Turn off your antivirus program on your device

Antivirus programs have a feature that can affect the TP link router. These antivirus programs will affect the speed of your internet, try disabling the antivirus program to maintain a good internet connection and internet speed.

tplink help

  • Check your modem’s signal on the device

The lower your modem signal, the poor is the speed of the internet. If you are facing trouble with connecting and it shows “No Internet” that means your internet connection is extremely poor. Modem is basically an indicator of your internet speed.

  • Update

New updates will always help you in getting a high internet speed. New updates come with new features. Try updating your device, so that you will get introduced to features that will help in getting a fast internet speed. Try different device to check internet speed

There might be some technical problem in your device, that is not letting your device connect to the internet. Try using different device, to check the internet connection.

  • Restart the TP link router

Try switching off the router and then, turning it on after it is completely turned off. Now, you can try to connect.

  • Connect it with an Ethernet cable

Try connecting the router with the ethernet cable. It will help in solving the problem of troubleshooting. Connecting with the ethernet cable will help in resolving your problem.

  • Check your internet outrage

Sometimes the internet connection is down in the whole geographical area. That is not a problem with your router, but the connection is weak from behind. Here, in this situation, you need to wait for the connection to go back up.

  • Check the wires and cables of the TP link

Check your cable connection and if linked, the Ethernet connection as well. Sometimes the wires and cables get disconnected, which can be the reason for your weak internet connection.

Official Contact TP link

tp link customer service phone numberThis part of the article is to inform you about the official contact TP link numbers. We are not responsible if the official contact numbers of TP link is changed by the owners of the company. Below, we are mentioning the contact numbers but if you feel an urgent need of help, you can even contact us, an independent third-party service providing company. Our executives will be happy to help and give you solutions of your problems.

Contact TP link 1800 209 4168
TP link contact TP Link Contact
Contact TP link technical website [email protected]

How to set up TP link extender? >> TP link Extender setup help

The Extender is a device that helps in expanding the internet connection. If you face a problem with an internet connection, for say, if the router is placed on ground level and you face issues with getting network on the second floor, then using an extender will help you in getting good internet connection in your device. Here are the steps for you to set up TP link extender.

  • Plug the extender in the switch to get power
  • now, you need to connect the device to the extender’s wireless network
  • Now, go to the browser and type You can also type the default IP address
  • Press the “Enter” button
  • Type your username and password in the columns to set up

Follow the above steps and then, you can easily set up TP link extender.

How to update TP link firmware? >> TP link update firmware guide

Firmware is advanced computer software that helps in providing a low-level control for your device’s hardware. Firmware may contain the basic functions of the device. Firmware can provide services like “hardware abstraction” to software of higher level. If we sum up the function of firmware, it helps in controlling, monitoring and data manipulation for the device of less complex level. There are types of firmware, such as the Computer’s BIOS, modems, camera, printer, and more. There are many more types of firmware.

Here are the steps for the TP link router firmware update

  1.  First, to update TP link firmware, you need to connect the router to the   Ethernet cable
  2.  Now, go to the TP link website
  3.  Firmware update option is now visible on the screen. Press on the “update” button.
  4.  Now you need to login to your TP link, through TP link website
  5.  After when you visit the page, click on downloaded firmware, to start the updating process of your TP link
  6.  Reboot your router, to update router firmware cisco

It is very important to update the firmware regularly as it helps keep maintain a good internet connection. Hackers can hack your firmware and that can cause a major issue as your internet can be misused by some other person. Therefore, you should update TP link firmware regularly.

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TP link support by us

In this article, we have tried our best to resolve and give solutions to almost all the general queries. Be it how to setup TP link, set up TP link extender, TP link router login, how to change TP link router default password, TP link reset, the official contact TP link, and how to update TP link firmware. This article informed about you about almost the things that you need to do when you get the TP link router. In case you need some help with the TP link router, you can contact out company, an independent third-party service provider. We will feel obliged to help you out with your problems. Out executives are available just to help and advice you related to all the TP link issues.