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verizon supportVerizon Communications inc. is a New York City-based company that is incorporated in Delaware, currently. On June 30, 2000, Bell Atlantic corp. And GTE corp. Decided to come together and form Verizon communications. It began trading on New York City Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the “VZ” symbol. The company decided to keep the symbol “VZ” as it symbolizes speed. Later, Verizon started trading on the NASDAQ, which was also under the same trading symbol.

Verizon is a 21st-century-based company, but it is witnessed that the companies that created and formed Verizon had footsteps in the market since the beginning of the telephone business, that is, the late 19th century. There is always a motive behind creating any new company; therefore, the creation of Verizon was a planned decision. The purpose of creating Verizon was to make a company that can have the scope and scale to challenge and compete as one of the top-tier companies of the world in the telecommunication industry. A reputed telecommunication brand from the United States of America, Verizon provides people with services that are useful and help ease their lives. Generally, the Telecom industry works as a transport that helps in the transition of data in the form of audio, video, or words across the world. These industries even provide Telecom equipment, Telecom services, and wireless communication and consider these services as the sub-sectors of telecommunication. Verizon communication came into existence after the collision of AT&T into seven “baby bells” companies. It was even renamed after the acquisition of the GTE corporation. On the path of the journey, Verizon even secured its hands on Yahoo! and AOL. If we talk about the acquisition in detail, IN 2015, Verizon wanted to expand its content ownership and found its way by acquiring AOL. After two years of the acquisition of AOL, Verizon also acquired yahoo. Later, it combined yahoo and AOL and gave birth to a new division known as Oath. Inc. In 2016, Verizon was one of the three remaining AT&T baby bells. It was researched that Verizon’s mobile network has 120.9 million users, making it the leading wireless carrier in the United States of America in 2020.

How to create Verizon account >> Verizon account sign up

In 2017, Verizon announced that it was shutting down its email services, giving its users time to switch from to AOL and Yahoo within the given deadline. Therefore, you cannot sign up for Verizon email, but you can sign into your Verizon through and also with Therefore, his is how you create Verizon account.

How to access Verizon mail with AOL>> Verizon email Sign in

You must think that after Verizon announced that it is closing its Verizon email service, where will all your important data go? Verizon, on the verge of shutting down, gave access to mail to AOL. Verizon email sign in process is pretty straightforward.

Below are the steps for email login: –

  1. Visit the browser and search
  2. Now, you can see the AOL portal that will help you sign in
  3. Enter your user id to open your net email account
  4. After entering the Username or verizon login email, enter your password
  5. Now that you can see that you logged into your Verizon email
  6. Therefore, with the same method, one Verizon email login through Yahoo.

How to reset Verizon password? >> Reset Verizon email password

Below are the steps that a user can use in case to recover the forgot Verizon password.

  • Visit the link and enter your Username in order to reset Verizon email password
  • After entering the Username, the option to enter the password will be below
  • When you see the rightmost corner, below your enter column, there will be an option “forgot password?”
  • Kindly select that option and fill in the required information which is asked
  • After filling in the information asked, enter the new password to access your email account

After following the steps above, you will reset Verizon email password.

How to Change Verizon email password >> Verizon email support password

Changing the password of your email is important as it prevents you from email scams and also, lessens the possibility of getting scammed and hacked. Therefore, changing password from time to time is good for your email account. Given are the steps to change your Verizon email password.

  1. Log in to your Verizon email account with your previous password
  2. After logging in to your Verizon mail account, go to the email settings
  3. Here, you can see the option to “Change password”.
  4. Select “Change password” and enter, first, your previous password, then the changed password
  5. Press the “Continue” button to save all the changes

Now, try logging out and then logging in again to see if the password has been changed or not. Follow for Verizon help.

Official Verizon Support Numbers

In this part of the article, we are going to inform you about Verizon’s official contact number. We have researched and found the official contact number of Verizon, which is correct to our knowledge. We still advise you to surf more on your part to verify the official contact number. We are not responsible if the owner changes the official contact number. In case of urgency, you can even contact us, an independent third party, for any help. Our customer service members will help you with any of your problems. Below is also mentioned Verizon support email.

verizon customer service email

Verizon support number 888.294.6804
Verizon support customer service 800.225.5499
Contact Verizon support 800.465.4054
Verizon support customer service number 888.262.1999
Official Verizon support email service

How to solve Verizon issues >> Verizon problems help

It might happen that sometimes, your mail account does not work properly or if it does, it will be slower than usual. Below are the steps to help you out if you are wondering how to access verizon email.

Recheck the password

Use of upper and lower case in your password makes it strong, but sometimes you forget to uppercase or lowercase a word that will show your correct password wrong; therefore, remembering the same password with all the uppercase, lowercase or numeric characters used in your password. This can solve email login issue.

Temporarily disable your antivirus and anti-malware

If you are facing verizon net imap settings not working issue try disabling antivirus.

Antivirus can be an obstruction that can create a problem in logging in to your Verizon email account. You need to temporarily disable your antivirus.

Below are the steps to temporarily disable your antivirus

  • Click on ctrl + shift +Esc
  • Go to “startup” for antivirus software
  • Tap the right-click on the/ antivirus software, then click on disable

verizon helpCheck storage

Mails from unnecessary sites can fill your storage, which will enable you from receiving and sending mails. It would help you, if you cleaned up your email storage from time to time. It will help your Verizon email to work smoothly with no buffering.

Clear caches

When you visit a site, it can bring many cookies to your computer containing caches. A cookie contains caches, or you can call it “stock” with information related to the site. Clearing all the cookies will clear up the space that will help the mail to work buffer-less.

Try a different device for Verizon email login

It might happen that even after deleting all the cookies and unnecessary emails, your mail might buffer a lot; This could be due to a problem with the device, so switching the device will help you get access to your mail.

Check for security issues

The Security department sometimes locks you out of your email account to prevent you from issues of data loss or any scams, so if you are having trouble logging into your Verizon email, it could be related to the security measures. To confirm if this is the reason, you will receive an error message, which means that you are temporarily locked out, and your account is being checked for any related issues.

How to set up Verizon SMTP server setting>> Verizon server

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a server application that helps receiving, sending and/or to transfer outgoing mail to both the senders and receivers. SMTP is important to set up because, without this application, you cannot send a message. Your messages contain codes, and, the SMTP processes the codes and helps to pass on message from sender to the receiver.

SMTP Verizon email server settings for iOS

Here the steps that will help you set up the SMTP Verizon server in iOS

  • Go to “settings” on your iOS device
  • Scroll down and select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
  • Now, you have to select the mail account to send the mail
  • After selecting the mail account, choose “Outgoing mail server”, then choose “SMTP”. Now, fill in information.
  • Turn the server port “ON”
  • Server port for AOL:
  • Server port for Yahoo:
  • The host name should be the name of your SMTP server
  • Your user name is the sending email address
  • You can select the password
  • Standard server port should be 465(SSL)

Now, your SMTP Verizon email server settings are set up.

SMTP Verizon server setting for Android

verizon email settingsBelow is how you can set up the SMTP Verizon email server setting for your android devices.

  • Click on the menu button and then, go to the “settings” option.
  • Now, look for the “add account option”
  • Configure the outgoing message settings
  • Now, fill in the necessary information
  • SMTP port should be turned “ON”
  • Server port settings for SMTP through Yahoo is
  • server port for AOL is
  • SMTP server name is the name of your host name
  • Your ending mail address is your username
  • Select your password
  • Server port – 465 (SSL)

IMAP Verizon email server settings >> Verizon Server

IMAP server setting is an application that allows access to your mail account anywhere in the world. You can get your emails on any device across the world, and you do not need to download your emails to get access. If you want to download any mail, just press the download button.

IMAP Verizon server for iOS

Here, given are the steps to set up the IMAP Verizon server on your iOS device

  • Click on the “settings” on your iOS device
  • Press down and select “Mail, Contacts, calendar”
  • Now, you have to select the mail account to send the mail
  • After selecting the mail account, choose “Incoming mail server”, then choose “IMAP” Now, fill in the information.
  • IMAP port should be “ON”
  • Server port settings of IMAP through Yahoo is
  • Server port settings through AOL is
  • Host name should the IMAP server name
  • User name is your email address
  • Server port is 993 (SSL)

Verizon net IMAP for Android

  • Click on the menu button and then go to the “settings” option.
  • Now, look for the “add account option”
  • Configure the “incoming message settings”
  • Now, fill in the asked information
  • IMAP port- “on”
  • IMAP Verizon server for Yahoo should be
  • The server port for AOL should be
  • Host name: IMAP server name
  • Your Email address is your Username
  • Server port: 993 (SSL)

Verizon support by usverizon support email

In the article, with our best knowledge, we tried to explain and help you out with Verizon problems related to getting Verizon email access, Verizon email login, forgot Verizon password, Verizon issues, and Verizon email server settings as well. If in case of any inconvenience and problems related to Verizon, you can contact us, that is, an independent third-party service provider. Our executives are available to help you out with your problems and provide you with solutions best for your problem.