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Dlink is one of the best Networking Gear companies. It provides different types of electronic gear, including cameras, switches, and, of course, Wi-Fi routers, which we will discuss in this article. The types of equipment delivered by Dlink are offered to individuals and businesses at all levels. It is a Company based in the United States. Dlink is a Taiwanese multinational networking equipment manufacturing Company. It was known as founded in 1986 as Datex Systems Inc. In 1994, Datex Systems Inc. changed its name to D-link Cooperation when it became the first networking Company to list on Taiwan Stock Exchange. The Company, formed in 1986, has grown into an award-winning brand spread across almost 60 nations. In this article, we have shared help regarding Dlink login, D link router setup, Dlink router resetting, Dlink extender setup, Dlink router settings, and more. You can refer to the article for any of these issues. If you are stuck somewhere and cannot execute the steps, you can call the number shown on this website. Once you call the number, you will be connected to an independent third-party service provider. They will pick up your call to answer your queries. Feel free to contact us with your doubts related to the Linksys router.

How to setup Dlink router? >> Dlink router setup help

 The following steps will guide you through the Dlink router setup: –

  • Attach the Ethernet Cable from the modem to the router and wait for the light to start blinking
  • Connect the router to the laptop via a LAN cable
  • Visit the browser from your laptop and enter Dlink default IP – into the address bar
  • The next page will; appear to enter the Username and the Dlink default password, which will be “admin” and “password,” respectively
  • A command box will appear; tap on the “login” option
  • Now, you will be able to setup your router using the Internet Connection setup wizard
  • In this command box, under WAN setup, select Connect type – “DHCP/PPPoE/Static.”

(You can even ask your Internet Service Provider about details like SSID and key)

dlink login

Once the details are entered, tap on “Save & Connect.”

The Dlink router setup is completed.

How to login for Dlink router? >> Dlink login steps

In this part, we provide help regarding Dlink router login. Don’t worry if you don’t know about the Dlink router login, as we have made step by step guide:-

  • Open your browser and fill IP address for Dlink, which is “192.168. 1.1”
  • Enter “admin” as your Username
  • Put “password” in the password field
  • Then tap on “Log-in” for the Dlink router login

Kindly note that if you have changed the default ID or password, you will need to put the changed one

Following these steps will help you with the Dlink router login.

Official Support numbers

Dlink is one of the major producers of Networking and connectivity products. The products and services of Dlink are spread across 60 countries. The Company was founded in 1986 and has grown a lot in these years. Earlier, Dlink used to be known as Datex Systems Inc. The products are offered at the individual as well as professional levels. They work hard to meet the latest industry standards, which is the reason for their impressive growth. Here, we have delivered an article on Dlink support that showcases everything related to the Dlink router. You can call an independent third party for telephonic support via the number provided on this website. However, if you are searching for official Support numbers, we are here to help you out on that. The numbers provided in this part of the article are official support numbers. These numbers have been taken from the available online sources and are correct to our knowledge. However, these numbers can change by the manufacturer due to any discrepancies. Therefore we advise you to verify them before proceeding. Below are the numbers for Dlink routers support.dlink phone number

Dlink tech support number 1 (877) 453-5465


Dlink service center number USA 1-714-885-6000


Dlink office number +1 800-326-1688


How to reset Dlink router? >> Dlink router reset support

Resetting a Dlink router is a Cakewalk. Still, we have delivered steps for Dlink router resetting.

Have a look at the following steps to guide you through the Dlink router reset: –

  • Set the Dlink router to on by switching on the power plug
  • Wait for the light to start blinking
  • You can find the power button of the router at the back of the device
  • Take a pin to press the button for at least 10 seconds
  • Liberate the button after 10-12 seconds for resetting a Dlink router
  • Once these steps are performed, Dlink router resetting will be completed
  • Now, you will need to complete the Dlink router setup and Dlink router login
  • Resetting a Dlink router is just that simple.

How to setup Dlink Wi-Fi extender? >> Dlink Wi-Fi extender guide

dlink wifi extenderWi-Fi extenders or repeaters are used to expand the reach of the wireless LAN.

    • Connect the Dlink Wi-Fi extender to the power socket
    • Wait until the led light flashes on the Dlink Wi-Fi extender
    • Now, open your desktop/ laptop connected to the same network
    • Run a speed test without the extender; for the speed test
    • To run the speed test, go to the browser and enter “Trafegon speed test.”
    • Tap on the official Trafegon website denoted by “Trafegon-speed test.”
    • Let us move on to the Dlink extender setup
    • Connect to the Dlink Wi-Fi extender via Wi-Fi, tap on the Wi-Fi name on the extender
    • Next, instead of entering your Wi-Fi password, fill in the Wi-Fi password mentioned on the Dlink range extender
    • Open your browser and enter – http: //dlinkap7710.local./
    • Leave the password space empty and tap on
    • Tap on “Click to repair.”
    • Hit on “Next,” and wait for the scanning
    • Here, you need to select a network you want to extend
    • Fill in the password
    • Now, you can change the name and password of the new connection
    • Click on “Next” and put in the configuration details “Existing Wi-Fi Network, Extended Network, and Extended status.”
    • Then, hit on “Finish,” “The new settings have been saved” will appear
    • You can now connect to the newly created connection


  • Run the speed test again; now you can see the speed is increased

How to update Dlink firmware? >> Dlink firmware update instructions

dlink firmware update

Upgrading Dlink firmware can help to resolve the Dlink issues and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the router. Follow these steps for

  1. Visit the browser and enter http://www.dlink.com/support
  2. Enter User Name and password
  3. Enter the default credentials if you haven’t changed them yet
  • Click on “login.”
  • Now, hit on “Manual Setup” and click on the “Maintenance” tab from the top
  • Click on “Firmware update” from the left menu
  • Hit on “Browse” under the upgrade
  • Click on the file from the downloads
  • Tap on upgrade firmware
  • A message will flash saying, “Now being upgraded, please wait.”
  • It’s better to change the name of your Wi-Fi and key at this point
  • Hit on “Save”
  • Enter your Username and click on login, leave the password blank
  • You can see the updated firmware version at the top of the page

This completes the Dlink firmware update.

Dlink Support from Us

Dlink has layed its foundation across the globe with the best quality IP cameras, smart home devices, Wi-Fi routers, and other more. Dlink manufactures products for individuals as well as for businesses. It is an ideal service provider that focuses to work in the enables the consumers to enjoy a rich experience at their homes. Dlink was initially known by the name “Datex Systems Inc.” that was changed in 1994. The above write-up shows you a guide for D link router setup, Dlink login, Dlink extender setup, Dlink router settings, how to reset Dlink router, and more. In order to get help with the following Dlink issues, you can read the article, or you can even connect to us (Independent third party) on the telephone. Our executives will solve all the queries you have, so don’t hesitate to call us.

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