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yahoo supportYahoo! is an online portal with a search engine and a directory of World Wide Websites organized in a topical hierarchy. As a directory, it obliges both new and experienced Web users with the convenience of a detailed and comprehensive view of hundreds of thousands of Web sites and millions of Web pages. Because Yahoo is associated with the most popular Web search sites, so it provides the benefit of searching the Web for a specific topic. Yahoo! began as two Stanford University graduate students’ bookmark lists, David Filo and Jerry Yang. After posting their combined bookmark lists organized by category on a college website, the list quickly became an Internet sensation. It was the first popular directory of its kind. Filo and Yang postponed their graduate studies to participate in a multi-million dollar corporation’s initial public offering. Yahoo mail was created because it is the most dependable and widely used email service. It offers some valuable features to its users. It has an easy-to-use, convenient, and helpful interface, making it easy to manage. Yahoo Mail, one of the primary email services, was created and widely used all around the globe. Its disposable email address, highly effective filters, extensive customization options, and fastest emailing services set it apart from the competition. You can easily download Yahoo mail from the playstore/App store or browser. Yahoo mail customers can select from four currently available configurations. The business version is for commercial use, plans free from ads are for personal use.

In this article we have shared information on Yahoo create account, how to reset Yahoo password, recover Yahoo account, and more of such Yahoo issues. You can find Yahoo help on the number provided on this website. You will be connected to an independent third party service provider.

Moreover, people around the globe prefer creating a Yahoo email account for the benefit of safety measures. Customers can take help from Yahoo mail support in case of any inconvenience. If you are unable to contact Yahoo Mail Support due to network connectivity issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (independent third party) at the phone number on this website.

How to create an email account at Yahoo? >> Create a Yahoo account help

  • Open in your browser
  • Now tap on the Signup button on Yahoo login page
  • Now fill in the basic Information asked to create Yahoo account
  • Tap on the Continue button to create a Yahoo account aand you will be done

This is how you create a Yahoo account. If you want detailed steps on how to create an email account at Yahoo continue readiing.

create a yahoo accountThe following are the steps to create an email account at Yahoo. Following the steps below, you can easily create a Yahoo account in just 5-6 minutes.

  1. Open your browser and type “”
  2. Now click the mail icon on the right and then select “sign up” to sign up Yahoo account.
  3. Here, you need to fill in the essential information to create an email account at Yahoo like name, age, date of birth, gender, etc.
  4. After filling in the information, press the “Continue” button to continue to create a Yahoo account
  5. Create a Yahoo account with your current mobile number so you can get the one-time password
  6. Enter your active contact number to confirm your Yahoo account
  7. Now, Yahoo will send you One-Time Password to your registered number for verification
  8. Enter the one-time password for verification
  9. Now your Yahoo email has been created

Yahoo create account query is answered.

How to sign into Yahoo mail login? >> Yahoo sign in instructions

After signing up for Yahoo Mail, sign in to your account, if you’re having trouble logging in to Yahoo Mail, you can follow the steps given below:-

  1. “” to login Yahoo mail account
  2. Now on the top right corner of the screen, there is a button “Sign in”
  3. After tapping “sign-in” to Yahoo Mail, a new portal will request your user ID and password
  4. Enter your correct user ID and password to login Yahoo
  5. Finally, press the “Login” button to login your Yahoo mail

Yahoo official contacts

contact yahooIn this part, we share with you the official Yahoo contacts. If you are searching how do i contact Yahoo by phone? We have searched for official Yahoo contacts for you. These have been searched from available online sources, which are accurate to our knowledge. These numbers are subject to change by the owner, and we should not be held responsible for this. Therefore, we recommend that you check on your part before proceeding. In urgent need of help, you can contact us at our support number on the website. They will direct your call to an independent third-party for Yahoo technical support number. Here are the official Yahoo support numbers. You contact Yahoo via chat support or number given below.

Yahoo Tech Support
Contact Yahoo Support 800-305-7664

How do I reset my Yahoo password?  >>  Reset Yahoo password help

Yahoo mail offers various features such as switching between emails, chat and text messaging options. It doesn’t matter which email you prefer, but regularly changing your Yahoo email password is necessary as it will protect you from the risk of email hacking. The steps below will help you reset your Yahoo Mail password.

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. After visiting the website, select Yahoo! email to login to Yahoo email account
  3. Fill in the required details like user id and password correctly
  4. Then after login to Yahoo mail, tap on change password button to change Yahoo password
  5. Write your new password in the column
  6. Click “Continue” button to change Yahoo password

These simple steps will get you a Yahoo mail password and keep you happy with your cybersecurity. Please note that you need to remember your old email password to change it. You need to recover your old password if you don’t remember your Yahoo mail password.

How do i reset my Yahoo password query is resolved.

How to recover Yahoo email password? >> Forgot Yahoo password help

If you forget your email password, no need to worry; you can recover your Yahoo email password by following these steps.

  1. Go to main Yahoo login page
  2. Tap the “Yahoo Mail” icon and the login portal will appear
  3. Fill in the User ID column and the option “Forgot Password” below the password column. Click on options
  4. It will request you to enter your previously registered mobile number
  5. After entering your number, press “continue” to get the verification code
  6. Enter the verification code to verify
  7. Select “Create New Password” button to continue
  8. Then type then re-enter your desired password in certain columns
  9. Press the “continue” button to confirm your password

If you follow these steps carefully, you can easily recover your password.

Why is Yahoo not working? >> Yahoo mail issues

yahoo help

Every so often, your Yahoo mail account keeps on loading and does not work properly, but that does not mean you have to create another Yahoo mail account but to follow the things written below that will tell you the reason behind the troubles with your mail account. Here, we have discussed problems with Yahoo and their solutions. Yahoo mail app not working issue is taken care in the section below.

  • Clear cookies

If you are wondering “what is wrong with Yahoo mail” try clearing out Cookies often keep information about the website in its cache, creating problems such as loading for long periods of time. To avoid such a case, you must delete your cookies.

  • Check Yahoo mail storage

Sometimes your Yahoo mail account is full which can be the reason why you are not receiving your mail. Please check your Yahoo mail storage to see if it is full. Therefore, if it is full, clear your cache, cookies, and old Yahoo email; these are not important. Doing this will fix Yahoo mail won’t load issue.

  • Try different browser

Sometimes server of a browser go down due to excessive load; therefore, trying different browser will give you access to your mail.

  • Disable antivirus

This step is for people who use IMAP in the Windows client. Some antivirus programs have the ability to filter out certain messages that they think may contain viruses or have malicious intent. Here are some steps to disable your anti-virus software; – press cntrl + shift + Esc > Go to “startup” for antivirus > right click on antivirus > disable.

Restart your computer to see if your problem is resolved and ask your sender to resend the message. This will resolve problems with Yahoo.

  • Update your Yahoo mail

Sometimes, when the application is not updated, it will not show your messages and load a lot; therefore, updating your Yahoo mail account will help you easily access your mail in a short time.

How to solve Yahoo sign in issues is answered in this part.

  • Yahoo mail server settings

SMTP, the backronym for Simple mail transfer protocol, is an outgoing mail server from Yahoo. SMTP is an advanced server setting that allows you to access your mail on multiple devices. It also allows the user to view all the files on the mail server. Here are some steps to access the Yahoo SMTP settings of your iOS and Android devices.

  • Yahoo SMTP mail setting for iOS

Here are the steps to configure the Yahoo SMTP server

  • Tap your ios device settings and go to settings
  • After “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select the Mail account to send the message.
  • Select “SMTP” under “Outgoing Mail Server”. And then, “add server….”
  • Enter all required details:-

    yahoo mail issues

  1. Server settings: set “ON”
  2. SMTP Server setting:
  3. Server name:- it should be the name of your SMTP server
  4. Account name: your sending email address ( working email account)
  5. Password: the password is of your choice; it should be difficult to code for someone besides you
  6. Accuracy: press the button and select “password”; enter your password
  7. Server port: default is 25 for ios. You can also maximize it to 587 as well.
  • Click “Done,” and your Yahoo SMTP server is ready to send an email
  • Yahoo SMTP server setting for Android

Steps to configure SMTP on your Android:-

  • Open the “menu” button and click on “Settings”
  • Go to accounts option and find the “add account” option
  • Set your outgoing parameters:-
  1. SMTP Server setting:
  2. Port: default is 25, but you can also increase it to 587
  3. SSL: Yes
  • Select “Done” to complete the process; now, your setup is complete.
  • Yahoo IMAP setting

IMAP is an Internet message access protocol that provides the user to group all the messages into folders, mark messages as urgent, and store messages on a server.

  • Yahoo IMAP setting for iOS

Here are steps for you to configure the Yahoo IMAP server

  • Tap your iOS device settings
  • After going to the “Settings,” go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select Mail account to send messages
  • Select “IMAP” under “Incoming Mail Server”. And then, “add server….”
  • Enter all required details:-
  1. Server: set “ON”
  2. IMAP server:
  3. Server name: the name of your IMAP server
  4. Account name: your sending email address
  5. Password: password of your choice
  6. Accuracy: press the button and select “password”; enter your password
  7. Server port: 993
  • Press “Done” and your Yahoo IMAP server is ready to send email
  • Yahoo IMAP setting for Android

Steps to turn on the IMAP server settings on your Android:-

  • click on “menu” button and open  “Settings”
  • Go to accounts and find the option “add account”
  • Set your outgoing parameters:-
  1. IMAP server settings will be:
  2. Server Port: 993 (default)
  3. SSL: Yes (for 993 server port)
  • End your process by pressing the “Done” button

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yahoo mail support

Yahoo mail offers a user-friendly design that is easy to understand and is convinient. If you do not understand any process or get confused on any step, we have provided information about such problems like; how to create Yahoo email, reset Yahoo password, Yahoo sign in, Yahoo SMTP settings, Yahoo imap setting, etc. Yahoo tech support is always 24X7 here to provide you with extensive solutions. Although we have provided you with a handful of information, if you still want Yahoo support, you can connect with us, an independent third-party service provider. Our executives will pick up your calls and answer your queries to the fullest.