This blog will discuss the Brother Printer Default Password and the importance of changing it to ensure your printer’s security. Brother printers, like many other electronic devices, come with a default password set by the manufacturer to facilitate easy access and setup. However, keeping the default password unchanged can pose a security risk, making changing it to a unique and secure password essential. Learn more about finding and changing the Default Brother Printer Password.

Brother Admin PasswordUnderstanding Brother Printer Default Admin Password

In electronic devices, default passwords ensure seamless user access and device setup. Brother, a renowned manufacturer of printers and various electronic devices, is no exception, as it assigns default passwords to its extensive range of printers. The Brother Printer default password serves as an initial security measure, allowing users to configure their devices out of the box conveniently.

Despite the convenience offered by the Brother Default password, keeping it unchanged may result in security vulnerabilities. An unchanged Brother Printer default password exposes your printer to potential unauthorized access. Consequently, modifying the Brother Printer password to a unique and secure combination is paramount as soon as the device setup is complete.

By understanding the significance of the Brother Default password and taking appropriate measures, you can effectively safeguard your Brother printer from potential threats. Implementing a strong Brother printer default password ensures that your printer remains secure, protecting sensitive information and maintaining the overall integrity of your device. It is essential to prioritize the Brother Printer password and make necessary changes to enhance your device’s security and provide peace of mind.

Brother Printer Default PasswordFinding the Default Brother Printer Password

Identifying your specific model’s default Brother Printer password is essential for initial access and configuration. Generally, Brother Printers come with one of the two following default passwords:



The default Brother Printer password can vary from one model to another. To verify your printer’s default Brother Password, you can consult the user manual accompanying your device. Another option is to check the label affixed to the printer, which often contains essential information, including the default Brother Admin password.

Brother’s official website is an excellent resource for locating your printer’s default password. Search for your printer model on their website, and you will find the necessary information about the default Brother Printer password. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your Brother printer’s default credentials.

By being well-informed about the default Brother Password, you can ensure a smooth setup process and secure your device effectively. Remember, changing the default Brother Admin password to a unique and robust combination is crucial for enhancing the security of your Brother printer. This will protect your sensitive data and maintain the overall integrity of your device, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your printer.

To confirm the Brother Printer Default Admin Password for your specific printer model, refer to the user manual or the label on the printer itself. You can also find this information on Brother’s official website by searching for your printer model.

Brother Printer Default Password Table

Printer Model     Default Password
MFC-L2710DW initpass
DCP-L2540DW initpass
MFC-L8900CDW access
MFC-L2700DW initpass
HL-L2380DW initpass

Note: The table above is a sample of some Brother Printer models and their default passwords. Refer to the user manual or Brother’s official website for the most accurate information.

How to change Default Brother Admin Password

It’s crucial to change the default password to boost the security of your Brother printer and protect your sensitive data. Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide on modifying the Brother Printer default admin password:

Brother Printer PasswordEstablish a connection to the printer’s network

Ensure your computer is connected to the same network as your Brother printer. This is a vital step to access and modify the Brother MFC default password.

Access the printer’s web-based setup

Launch a web browser and input your printer’s IP address into the address bar. Press ‘Enter’ to open the printer’s web-based setup page, where you can manage the default Brother Admin password.

Locate The Password Settings

To modify the Brother Admin password, click on the ‘Administrator’ tab, followed by ‘Password.’ This action will lead you to the password settings page.

Default Brother Printer PasswordInput the default password

Inside ‘Current Password’ box, write in the default password for your specific Brother Printer model. This will authenticate your access to change the default Brother MFC password.

Create a New & Secure Password

Inside  ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm New Password’ box, input a unique and robust password. Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters for optimal security when creating your new Brother MFC default password.

Save the Changes

Click ‘Submit’ or ‘Save’ to store the new password. With this step, you have successfully updated your Brother Admin password, enhancing your printer’s security.

Default Brother Admin PasswordConclusion

After executing all these practices given here, your Brother printer is now safeguarded with a secure, custom password, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Keeping your Brother printer default admin password updated and robust ensures your device remains protected against potential threats. In conclusion, taking the time to change the default Brother MFC password is a crucial step in maintaining the security and integrity of your printer, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your device. This blog was dedicated to the information about the Brother printer’s default password, if you want to know other details about the Brother printer, please navigate to our Brother printer support article page and get detailed information.

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