Welcome to our comprehensive guide dedicated to a common issue many users face – ASUS router WiFi not working. This connectivity problem can manifest in several ways – frequent disconnections, difficulty establishing a connection, or the WiFi not broadcasting.

asus router wifi not workingIn this blog post, we will delve into the root causes of these problems, helping you understand why they occur. This understanding will aid in the process of troubleshooting and resolving these issues, enabling you to restore your router’s internet connectivity and ensure a smooth online experience.

Whether you’re dealing with occasional disconnections or more persistent problems, this guide aims to empower you with the necessary knowledge and practical steps to rectify these issues and optimize your Asus router’s performance. Let’s navigate this together.

Causes of ASUS Router WiFi Not Working:

Sometimes Asus router WIFi may not work properly, which might cause multiple issues. Understanding this issue is our first step towards resolving them. Some common issues you might face are:-

  • ASUS Router keeps disconnecting from Internet: There can be multiple reasons why your ASUS router keeps disconnecting from Internet. One of the common culprits is a poor connection between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your ASUS router. Factors such as outdated router firmware, physical obstacles between the router and your devices, or overloading of your router with too many connected devices can also lead to frequent disconnections.asus router keeps disconnecting from internet
  • ASUS Router internet status disconnected: When the ASUS Router’s internet status is disconnected, it typically signifies a problem with the connection between your router and your ISP. This could be due to an issue with the ISP’s infrastructure or an issue on your end, such as a faulty Ethernet cable connecting your modem to your router. Router settings or firmware issues can also lead to the ASUS router internet status disconnected issue.
  • ASUS Router not connecting to Internet: If your ASUS router not connecting to Internet, it could be due to incorrect settings on your router, outdated firmware, or a temporary outage from your ISP. Sometimes, the router may fail to obtain the correct IP address from your modem, causing it to not connect to the Internet.
  • ASUS Router not broadcasting WiFi: An ASUS router not broadcasting WiFi can be a result of various issues. WiFi settings on the router may be configured incorrectly, the WiFi may be manually turned off, or there could be physical obstructions or interference from other electronic devices. In some cases, an outdated router firmware could also cause Asus router not broadcasting WiFi issue.

In each of these cases, identifying the root cause is key to resolving the issue and restoring your ASUS router’s functionality. The next section will look into how to fix these common problems.

How to fix ASUS Router WiFi Not Working:

To fix the common problem caused by ASUS Router WiFi Not Working, follow the instruction mentioned below.

  • ASUS Router not connecting to Internet: If your ASUS router not connecting to Internet, ensure the router’s IP settings are correctly configured. You can try resetting or manually entering these settings as your ISP provides. If the problem persists, update your router’s firmware. Sometimes, simply rebooting the router can also help the ASUS router connect to the Internet.asus router not connecting to internet
  • ASUS Router keeps disconnecting from Internet: If your ASUS router keeps disconnecting from Internet, the first step is to restart your router and modem. This can resolve temporary glitches and restore your connection. If this doesn’t work, ensure your router’s firmware is up to date. An outdated firmware often causes the ASUS router to disconnect from the Internet. Also, try changing the router’s channel settings, as some channels may be overcrowded, causing intermittent connection.
  • ASUS Router not broadcasting WiFi: When your ASUS router is not broadcasting WiFi, make sure the WiFi is enabled in the router’s settings. Physical obstructions and electronic interference can also lead to the ASUS router not broadcasting WiFi, so ensure the router is placed in a central and open location. You can also try changing the broadcast channel in case the current one is too crowded. Lastly, ensure your router’s firmware is updated to the latest version.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve common connectivity issues with your ASUS router.

How to Prevent Asus Router WiFi Not Working:

To prevent these issues from happening again, follow our guided measures below.

  • Regular Firmware Updates: Keeping the firmware of your ASUS router up-to-date is one of the best ways to prevent any WiFi connectivity issues. The updates often come with fixes for bugs and improvements in performance that can address issues causing the ASUS Router WiFi not working.
  • Correct Configuration: Ensure that your router’s settings are correctly configured as per the guidelines given by your ISP. Incorrect settings can often lead to problems, including your ASUS Router WiFi not working.
  • Regular Reboots: Routine reboots can help clear minor errors in the network and refresh your connection. If your ASUS router WiFi is not working, a simple reboot can often fix the problem. To prevent issues, consider rebooting your router and modem at regular intervals.asus router not broadcasting wifi
  • Ideal Router Placement: Proper placement of your ASUS router can greatly impact WiFi performance. Placing your router in a central and open location can help prevent interference and signal loss, ensuring the ASUS Router WiFi not working issues are minimized.
  • Network Traffic Management: If too many devices are connected to your router, it may need help to provide a stable connection to all. Try to manage the number of devices connected at any given time to avoid overloading your router and prevent the ASUS router WiFi not working.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly check your ASUS router for any physical damage, especially the Ethernet cables, and replace them if necessary. Regular maintenance will help in identifying any issues early and prevent them from escalating to the point where your ASUS Router WiFi stops working.

Adhering to these preventive measures can significantly reduce the chances of facing issues with your ASUS router’s WiFi connectivity, ensuring a stable and reliable internet experience.


As we’ve explored in this comprehensive guide, dealing with an ASUS Router WiFi not working can manifest in several forms, such as the router frequently disconnecting from the Internet, the Internet status showing as disconnected, or the ASUS router not connecting to Internet. In more complicated scenarios, you might encounter your ASUS router not broadcasting WiFi or even your ASUS devices not connecting to WiFi.

While these problems can be frustrating, we’ve highlighted numerous practical troubleshooting steps and preventive measures that can significantly aid in resolving these issues. Regular firmware updates, correct configuration, routine reboots, ideal router placement, and regular maintenance can all contribute to maintaining a stable connection with ASUS routers.

Every user’s situation can be unique; sometimes, these specific situations hold the key to resolving connectivity issues. Please refer to our Asus Router Support page to know more about Asus routers and resolve some related errors.

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